FTP Synchronizer Professional incl loader

FTP Synchronizer Professional incl loader is a powerful program that can allow you and me to quickly and reliably synchronize files and folders between remote FTP servers, and was designed to help the website owner keep updating.
For web developers, updating their site may not be an easy process, although I personally like it. Even for some minor changes, you need to upload all the files manually again (I haven’t updated this for a hundred years, only if I kept projects in html) for them to take effect. This can be avoided with this program. Help you easily sync files between your computer and server. You can choose which source and destination folders you want to sync, and the app can take care of the rest. Changes were made, the files were loaded immediately, convenient!
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The program monitors any changes that occur in the source folder and syncs files as soon as they are created, deleted, or updated. Please note that the application works in the system tray, does not require user interaction or confirmation for synchronization, it does everything automatically after preliminary configuration. The software provides a high level of security during data transfer, since files are synchronized using FTPS (FTP over TLS / SSL) and SFTP (SSH), which means that no one (in theory) can access your data during file synchronization via FTP … In addition, thanks to the multi-connection sync mechanism, you can sync multiple files and servers at the same time. The program can detect file conflicts and depending on your settings, can skip syncing these files and display a message in the log file. This is a handy feature as it ensures that no data is lost by mistake.
Once you decide to download and install FTP Synchronizer, the program can check the checksums generated using different hashing algorithms (CRC, MD5 or SHA1) for the integrity of each file. This ensures that the files have been synchronized correctly and no data is lost. Alternatively, you can use the built-in scheduler to set automatic FTP sync at a specified time. The app can notify you via email when all files are synced.
So, if you were looking for a program that can help you avoid the hassle of manually transferring files to the server by automating this process for you, consider that you have found it, we use it, we rejoice, we get the result, we save time!
Real Time Sync:
This is a unique feature in FTP Synchronizer. Your files can be synced as soon as they are created, updated or deleted.
Block-level synchronization:
Reduce sync time from hours to seconds by syncing only the changed part when the file is updated.
Secure FTP connection:
A secure SSL and SFTP connection ensures that no one sees your data during transmission.
Integrity check:
FTP Synchronizer can check (CRC, MD5 or SHA1) files after synchronization to make sure they were synchronized 100% correctly.
Developer : Liuxz Software License : ShareWare
Language : English
Size : 10 MB OS : Windows XP + version : Professional
How to Install:
1). Instructions are included in ReadMe.txt if needed.
2). That is all, Done & enjoy.FTP Synchronizer Professional incl loader [linuxfresh.info]
Note: use WinRAR crack to decompress the software if needed.

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